GHLASS is an online platform that allows fashion houses to get pre-orders before production. At the same time, buying directly from producers, fashion buyers get fantastic pieces without the hefty price tag.

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Overproduction in fashion is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats:

2,000,000,000 kg of textile waste is burned or ends up in landfill, every year. (Roadrunner 2021)

To drive business cost down, fashion products get made exploiting people in dangerous environments.

Fire, electrical safety, harassment, violence and low wages are recurrent issues in the industry.

We refuse endorsing the current system and believe there should be an alternative.

That is why we have created GHLASS:
a fashion system, done differently.

What is Ghlass?

GHLASS is a pre-ordering platform which connects designers with influencers and buyers.

We reverse the traditional business model, by starting the supply chain with the customer:

1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Production
4. Delivery

Marketing → Sales → Production → Delivery

Through GHLASS, brands can:

1. Engage with influencers who truly love their products

2. Pre-sell their designs, using just a prototype

3. Welcome buyers in their factories or atelier... and more.

Through the use of GHLASS:

no wasted excess is produced

influencers get a share of the sales they generate

buyers benefit from a designer item, without the luxury mark-up of middlemen

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1. Get your account approved.
2. Create a Ghlass campaign, inserting your prototype information, MOQ, campaign deadline & production timeline.
3. If you want, select influencers you want to collaborate with as affiliates to your campaign.
4. Start selling! No upfront set-up costs, no need for an online store or inventory!

Exact quantity and sizes needed to be produced on successful styles

Minimum order quantities set by factories set to differentiate between a successful and an unsuccessful campaign

Direct connection to the influencers that can get your products in the public attention

Full control of the information reaching the client

No upfront investment

No more heavy budgets spent on catwalks, hired space and trade shows

Ghlass is powering the public demand chain, allowing pre-orders for production.

We created GHLASS for passionate buyers and style enthusiasts who love fashion, but also see the bigger picture. We care about looking great without a hefty price tag, but we are also aware that every purchase is a vote for fashion industry’s priorities.

GHLASS empowers the designer: through influencers, new designers can market their creations directly, offering design and quality at a fraction of the cost.

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